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Residential Solid Waste Collection

All owners of improved property in the District are made liable for solid waste fees, irrespective of actual use. Mandatory service includes curbside trash and recycle collection. Curbside green waste collection is an optional service available to all properties within the District at an additional cost. 

Collection Schedule: Trash and recycle carts are emptied weekly. Call the office for your collection schedule. A downloadable holiday schedule is available at the bottom of this page. 

Source Separation: California regulations require separation of recyclable and organic material from trash (landfill) waste. Please visit our recycle and green waste web pages for more information.

Container Contamination: All material for curbside disposal must be placed in the correct cart. Material found in the wrong cart will be tagged for container contamination. Container contamination more than twice will result in penalties and/or fees based on the District’s most recent fee schedule.

Cart Information: The District has three (3) carts available:
1. The black cart is for disposal of household trash including food waste
2. The blue cart is for recyclable materials
3. The optional green cart is for yard waste
Every residence is entitled to one trash and one recycle cart. A green cart is available to all residents at an additional cost.
What goes where

Serialized Carts: All carts have a unique serial number and are assigned to a specific property. Do not mark your cart with your address. Using any container other than those assigned to the property is strictly prohibited. This includes carts purchased on your own and carts assigned to other properties.

Cart Placement: To ensure collection, all District provided carts must be placed at the street by 6:00 a.m. on collection day. Place all carts at least 3 feet from obstructions such as other carts, mailboxes, trees, fences, and vehicles with the lid opening toward the street and the handles facing the house. Please watch the placement video below for further details.

Cart Capacity: Do not overfill any cart. Lids must be closed and cart must weigh less than 200 pounds. Place all items for collection in the appropriate cart. It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of excess waste and items that cannot be collected curbside. Visit the container rental section of the website for information about additional services available.

Ashes: Do not put hot ashes in any container! Soak ashes in water for at least 48 hours until they reach a ‘soupy’ consistency before bagging and placing inside the black trash cart. Ashes will not be collected from separate containers. Property owners are responsible for damage to any cart caused by improper disposal of ashes. Detailed information about proper ash handling can be found in trash disposal video below.

Items not acceptable for collection: Dead animals, metal objects, rocks, dirt, concrete, asphalt, tires, paint, motor oil, or any household hazardous/toxic waste, carpet, TV’s, computers, and other electronics are not accepted in any curbside collection cart. Some items may be accepted in a dumpster or roll off container. Visit the container rental pages for more details.

Inclement Weather: If the District cannot safely collect solid waste containers due to inclement weather, service will continue the following week or when weather permits. When it snows, clear a space for your carts so they are accessible to collection equipment and do not block the street or snow plow operations.

Locking Carts: The District has a limited number of locking carts available by request in approved areas. The locking cart is not animal/bear/burro proof. Should animals create a scattered trash mess, the property owner is responsible for clean-up. Failure to do so may result in litter abatement fees.

Mini-Cart Exchange: The District will exchange a standard trash cart with a 32-gallon mini-cart for residents who are not physically able to properly place a 96-gallon cart trash cart for collection. Recycle and green waste containers are not available in alternate sizes.

Cart Replacement: All carts are the property of the Big Bear City CSD. Cart replacement due to theft or damage caused by negligence, fire, unauthorized use or misuse will be charged to the owner/resident according to the most recent fee schedule.

Cart Roll-Out Service: The District provides assistance to residents who are not physically able to properly place the 96-gallon cart for collection. Qualified residents must complete an application and provide certification of physical disability.

Cart Removal: Part-time residents may request removal of their solid waste carts, or the District may remove a cart for unauthorized or neighbor use. Property owners are responsible for damage to their cart, and are discouraged from allowing neighbors access to their cart. Please note that removal of the solid waste carts does not exempt a property from the District’s mandatory solid waste charges.

Bulky Items: The District does not pick-up bulky items street side. Dumpsters are available for rent, and free community clean-up days are provided periodically at our Paradise Maintenance Yard. Visit the Community Clean-up Day page for details.

Electronic Waste: Disposal of electronic waste is available at free community clean-up days provided periodically at our Paradise Maintenance Yard. Visit the Community Clean Up Day page for details.

Hazardous Waste: Disposal of household hazardous waste is available at the Big Bear Lake Public Works Yard located at 42040 Garstin Dr. on Saturdays from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. Visit San Bernardino County Department of Public Works - Solid Waste Management Division website for details.

County Transfer Station: Excess waste and bulky items can be taken to the Big Bear Transfer Station located at 38550 Holcomb Valley Road, Monday – Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visit San Bernardino County Department of Public Works - Solid Waste Management Division website for details.

Please watch this video for refuse cart placement information: 

Please watch this video to see how to properly prepare for your refuse for collection.

 Thank you for your patience and helping us keep our community clean!